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Arizona… It’s official! I’m now Certified to help you buy before you sell

  woohoo Arizona!!! It’s official… I’m a Certified Agent Now I have extra tools to help you buy your next home before you sell your current home. Make strong offers without contingencies Get time to move with a post possession period. Make offers like a cash buyer with this program ...

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When you’re planning a move, should you buy or sell first?

Usually, buying your first home is pretty straight-forward. You pick a REALTOR®, secure financing, scope out homes, make an offer, sign the papers, and get your keys. But when it’s time to move on from that first home, the process gets a bit more complicated. Should you sell your first ...

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Plant a vegetable garden anywhere—even right on your patio

For most people, planting a garden is all about flowers. From a cook’s perspective, it’s all about food. Flowers are nice, but vegetables are practical. And when space in the garden is tight, I will always choose culinary over ornamental. With innovative pots and planters that have self-watering reservoirs, it’s ...

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