September 16, 2020

It’s well known that kitchen upgrades are a huge draw for home buyers. In fact, 80% of home buyers listed the kitchen as their top three most important spaces when house hunting. Unfortunately, the average kitchen remodel costs tens of thousands of dollars (not to mention the time commitment.) Thankfully, there’s plenty that sellers can do to spruce up their kitchen to be more attractive to buyers without pulling the trigger on a big renovation.


  1. Paint. A fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest ways to give a room or a piece of furniture a fresh new look! If sellers want to make existing cabinets pop without the expense of replacing them, a paint job is an inexpensive (if time-consuming) option. Alternatively, a new color on the walls could show off all of the kitchen’s features in a new light.
  2. Rethink storage. While reorganizing the interior of cabinets and drawers might seem like it won’t impact the overall look of the kitchen much, clearing up storage space can allow your clients to store some of their countertop items out of sight, making the whole space feel less cluttered and more intentional. A wall-mounted magnetic knife rack can eliminate a knife block’s countertop footprint, for example.
  3. Replace hardware and fixtures. A brand new faucet on the kitchen sink will have practically the same visual effect as replacing the entire sink, but it’s much less expensive! A sleek, modern design can bring the kitchen into the modern age, and a touchless design, convertible sprayer head, or spotless finish to prevent hard water stains all make for attractive updates. If sellers are hesitant to commit to painting but still want to update cabinets and drawers, they can apply some new knobs, handles, and drawer pulls in just a few minutes. Choose a metal finish that matches the sink faucet, light fixtures, or appliances to create a sense of visual unity in the room. 
  4. Replace an appliance. If they have the budget, replacing an appliance or two can drastically improve an older kitchen. A worn-down fridge can be a major eyesore that catches potential buyers’ attention, where a brand new one can raise a visitor’s opinion of the entire space. For the biggest impact, focus on appliances that are either visibly dated or very noticeable when viewing the room.
  5. Relight. Lose outdated lighting fixtures and replace them with can lights, under-cabinet lighting, and perhaps a few statement fixtures to really modernize any kitchen. More lighting in general will make the kitchen look bigger, and moving from ceiling lights to recessed lights can also make ceilings feel higher.

There’s no need for sellers to drop tens of thousands of dollars and weeks or even months of their precious time on a remodel just to make their kitchen more attractive to buyers. They can still improve their kitchen’s appeal for less by making some smart updates.